3 Tips for Antique Hunting at Estate Sales in Florida

3 Tips for Antique Hunting at Estate Sales in FloridaIt’s no secret that buying second-hand can save you a fortune. If you’re lucky, you could find antiques at great prices.

From antique furniture to glassware, there are lots of hidden treasures at estate sales in Florida. As the number of seniors increases, so do your chances of getting a good deal.

These places are home to valuable items that you might be able to find in stores. The low price shouldn’t be overlooked either.

Antique hunting is an art. You need to plan your time, know what to look for, and go prepared. Here are some tips to help you out:

Get There Early

When you attend a Prestige estate sale, you receive a number to wait in line. The earlier you arrive, the higher your odds to get a prized item.

Better yet, start online the night before. Check out photos and inventory lists of our local estate sales in Florida. Sign up early and request information ahead of time.

Know What to Look for

Not all items available at estate sales are worth collecting. Do some research to figure out what to look for.

Wingback chairs, for instance, will add style to your home. Loveseats are versatile and look amazing in just about any room.

Big furnishings, such as shelving units and tables, are easy to refurbish and cost next to nothing. Antique silverware will make your guests feel like royalty, so it’s worth a second look.

Skip the cookware and big appliances. These items are great for use but don’t often have antique value.

If you’re interested in a specific item, read about it and look for examples.

Know How to Pay

Always have a payment plan when shopping at estate sales. Research your options or make a phone call in advance.

Unlike an event hosted by family members (where they will most likely accept cash only), a professionally run Prestige sale will have more payment options.

Mistakes to Avoid at Estate Sales in Florida

Buying at an estate sale isn’t rocket science. However, you still need some knowledge.

First of all, don’t confuse estate sales with garage sales. They may look similar, but it’s a huge difference.

Our estate sales in Florida are run by professionals that know what items are worth. Yard sales, on the other hand, are hosted by people decluttering their homes and trying to make a quick buck.

In case you’re buying electronics, test them to make sure they work. Avoid impulse shopping at all costs. You’ll only waste your time and money.

Set a budget before getting there. You will likely be tempted to spend a fortune. Have a few items in mind so you don’t feel overwhelmed.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know what to look for at estate sales, give it a try! These events aren’t just for antique collectors.

If you need help, contact us today! We’ll keep you informed of the best estate sales in Florida and make shopping a lot easier!

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