The 5 Pieces of Antique Furniture Worth Collecting

The 5 Pieces of Antique Furniture Worth Collecting

Collecting antique furniture is a great way to connect with past generations’ style and culture. Finding the right antique furniture can also be financially rewarding.

Think of the last piece of antique furniture you bought. Did you buy it because you loved the look and history it would bring to your home? Or did you buy it because of the perceived value of the piece?

Your decision on what furniture to collect is a very personal one. If you’re looking at trying to make a profit from buying and selling, there’s a way to approach that. However, if you’re looking to add pieces that accent your home or cabin with style and history it’s a very different approach.

In this article, we’ll uncover 5 pieces of antique furniture you’ll find in estate sales that are beautiful and potentially valuable.

Let’s dive in.

1. Antique Murphy Beds

If you’re an avid furniture collector, no doubt you’ve heard of a Murphy Bed. If not, here’s a little history.

Murphy Beds were patented in 1900 as a way to save space in small living areas. Some people refer to them as wall beds, pull down beds or fold down beds.

The design of a Murphy Bed was hugely popular around the turn of the 20th century because of the small spaces many people lived in.

Fast-forwarding to 2017, it seems these beds should be just as popular now with the tiny house movement and small studio city apartments.

If you spot one of these at an estate sale, run — don’t walk — to the front of the line. It has a good chance of appraising well.

2. Solid Brass Antique Furniture

Real brass furniture is hard to find in the new furniture market. As such, antique aged brass is a wonderful find.

Think of your grandparent’s home when you were a child and remember the beautiful brass furniture that adorned it.

When you come across solid aged brass at an estate sale, know that its beauty and value have only grown with time.

3. Heavy Desks

The computer age left these desks (and traditional letter writing) in the dust. Perhaps it’s time to bring both of these back.

When you discover an antique roll-top, pedestal or secretary desk to collect, make the move.

Most of these can be purchased inexpensively and make a beautiful accent piece in your home or office. They also sell quite well on the open market.

4. The Empire Chest

In the early 1900’s people demanded form and function out of their furniture. The Empire Chest answered the call.

Empire Chest owners proudly displayed their units in prominent areas of the home, while also using them for functional purposes.

A well-maintained piece works great in a bedroom or entryway.

5. Wardrobes

Form and function also played into the popularity of antique wardrobes.

Many homes at the turn of the 20th century had very small closet spaces. A wardrobe was (and still is) a welcomed piece of antique furniture that gives more closet space while standing beautifully in any bedroom.


Finding quality antique furniture at estate sales isn’t as difficult as you may think.

Keep your eyes open for these 5 pieces and you’ll uncover many hidden gems.

Happy antiquing!

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