Antique Appraisals

Professional Appraisals

We go to great lengths at Prestige Estate Services to ensure our clients receive a personally tailored, exceptional and professional experience when we appraise their items. We realize that appraisals are often needed in the course of very stressful and emotional times.

At Prestige Estate Services, we provide accurate and comprehensive appraisals for personal property assets. Every appraisal report includes complete descriptions, current market estimates, similar items, and photos. Every appraisal will be printed and bound and can be sent out to legal representatives, insurance agencies, or used in probate as well as courtroom proceedings as required.

Formal Written Appraisals

We will conduct an introductory conference by phone to figure out the initial scope of the project and basic requirements of the customer. The appraisal process begins by having an on-location examination of the items chosen for appraisal. At this time, each item will be photographed, measured if needed, and noted on in depth. This information is then put together and used to figure out the fair market, liquidation, or replacement value of the piece/s.

After completing research, the formal appraisal document is prepared, which includes images, as well as an in-depth narrative, historical background and description. The final documentation is shown and explained step-by-step to the customer. If the customer requests it, extra copies can be supplied at $ 5 for each copy. These can be used to give to legal representatives, insurance providers, etc.

Prestige Estate Services offers industry competitive fees, which are based on a fixed rate per hour. Expenses for travel are additional should the on-site location be outside of our main service area.

Verbal Appraisals

For individuals that do not need a written appraisal, yet would still like a basic idea of what their item/s are worth, Prestige Estate Services has a verbal valuation option. It is less costly than the written appraisal, and can certainly be quite insightful.

For a small fee, a customer could send us images for as many as 3 items to get a verbal phone appraisal. Details including dimensions, markings, history, etc., should be provided for each piece to get the most accurate appraisal. The customer must supply us with a full name, phone number(s), and a mailing address where they can be reached. Photos and details can be submitted via e-mail to [email protected] or contact us and let us know you will be sending the information by mail to the following address.

Prestige Estate Services Inc.
15271 McGregor Blvd Ste 16 #263
Fort Myers, FL 33908

Upon receiving payment online, one of our appraisers will review the information and pictures. They will then provide a brief write-up which includes a suggested fair market value as well as any further history or information related to the item/s.

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