Baby Boomers Are Downsizing: 5 Tips for a Less Stressful Move

Baby Boomers Are Downsizing: 5 Tips for a Less Stressful MoveMoving is one of the greatest stressors in life. As a baby boomer, it’s even more challenging.

In a survey by Harvard, they discovered that grandparents are transitioning towards renting. They have most likely been in their home for a long time and it cannot keep up with their needs.

It could have stairs they can no longer walk up or down. The layout may not be best for their changing bodies. They may not be able to manage their maintenance anymore either.

Downsizing their living space and moving to a place that accommodates their needs will place less stress on them.

Reducing Stress During a Downsizing

Making sure all parties involved in a move are calm and organized is the key to success. This is accomplished by following the tips below.

Having Enough Help

For a senior citizen, downsizing on their own could be difficult. Hiring movers and experts to find the right location and help pack will speed up the process. They will be apprehensive about someone else organizing their belongings. Yet, they will have less stress if they have help.

Not only does having movers help quicken the process, it helps protects their health. Many elders are unable to lift heavy items, bend over and do much physical activity.

Family Stress Reduced

If a parent or grandparent that is moving has family around that is available to help, they can supervise and make sure everything is going okay.

If someone comes out to assess for liquidation, the family member can point the assessor in the right direction. They can inform them of the things that are family heirlooms that are not going to liquidated. They can show them the vintage, important pieces that they want to sell.

This helps reduce the amount of stress placed on them. Seeing their stuff be sold off, especially if it has an emotional attachment, can be very hard.

Remaining Compassionate

Being compassionate to a baby boomer who is sad about leaving their home behind, but still knowing there is work that needs to be done, requires special skill.

They may be dealing with the loss of a loved one, financial troubles or are experiencing illness. Working with them through this process and being kind will create a positive environment for everyone.


If moving has been on the horizon for a while, it’s important to start downsizing as early as possible. Going through things one by one and helping to declutter will allow you to make good progress.

They may have stories they want to tell about specific items you’re going through and it’s important to let them tell their stories. Hearing them out will help them feel less stress in the moment.

Selling Items

As mentioned previously, some may hire a liquidator to come and take a look at personal items. There need to be decisions made about the big items in the house, about whether it goes or stays.

Are there any family heirlooms that have a lot of value? Getting them appraised could be helpful to ensure you don’t get less than the value. If they don’t have much to sell, bundling everything together may be the way to go.

Hire Some Help

A good moving or liquidating company will work to build a great relationship with them, understand their needs and wants, and work for their benefit.

They will feel respected through the process and know they are in safe hands.

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