Business Liquidators

If your Southwest Florida business is closing or needs to liquidate it’s current inventory we can help by providing a business liquidation.  By utilizing our business liquidation services you can quickly and easily obtain the value of the items that were used by the business.  This service can be a huge difference maker in assisting the business during the closing process.  Whether you have machines, copiers, tools, office furniture and pretty much anything in between Prestige Estate Services FL is here to help!

We have a national database of buyers in numerous business sectors that are ready and willing to come in and spend money and provide to you a return on the value of the items that need to be liquidated.  Bankruptcy, selling a business or retiring, it doesn’t matter, our business liquidation services are here to help.

Our business liquidation team will handle everything from the preparation, marketing, sale day staff, security and accounting.  All you need to do is call us and discuss your situation and we will sit down with you for a free, no obligation business liquidation meeting and assess the project and your needs.

As one of the largest liquidators in the state, we have the staff, experience and resources to successfully accomplish the goals for your business liquidation event.

Call us today at 239-449-0409!