5 Ways Antique Glassware Adds Fun to Your Home Bar

For centuries, bars and taverns have been where we’ve gathered to unwind and connect with friends. Bars are less about the drinking and more about the sense of community that they bring about. And what better way to relax than with a bar in your...
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The 5 Pieces of Antique Furniture Worth Collecting

Collecting antique furniture is a great way to connect with past generations’ style and culture. Finding the right antique furniture can also be financially rewarding. Think of the last piece of antique furniture you bought. Did you buy it...
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Estate Sale Buys Not To Be Missed

For those who like good deals on items that may not be sold readily in retail stores, a Prestige estate sale may be worth checking out. You can find a variety of articles such as vintage glass or silverware, furnishings such as bookshelves or tables and...
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Discover Vintage & Antique Table Linens At Prestige Estate Sales

An estate sale sounds like an event where each and every item is very valuable, a lost bounty just waiting for discovery. If only that were true. While you can expect numerous retro, vintage and antique finds, you need a specific focus if you really want...
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Find Vintage or Antique Cups and Mugs At Estate Sales

If you want to collect something small while at an estate sale, then look for antique cups or mugs that have interesting designs or slogans. Cups or mugs are typically used for hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and most families...
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Do You Need to Have Your Items Appraised?

When an individual dies, he or she may owe estate taxes depending on how much his or her assets inside the estate are worth. Therefore, it may be necessary to have items appraised prior to selling them in an estate sale. While these items may not need...
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Estate Services in Southwest Florida

  If you’ve lost a family member and are selling their home and its contents, or if you’re downsizing and have antiques you want to sell, Prestige Estate Services can help. We specialize in antique appraisals and estate sales and can...
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Digging for Valuable Children’s Books

If you are going home for the holidays, then you might want to see if there are books from your childhood that have been carefully tucked away. While most books retain little value, some valuable children’s books become very collectible. The value...
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Estate Sale Features Saxophone Played by Former President Bill Clinton

An interesting November estate sale in Georgia included a musical instrument once played by the 42nd President of the United States. Robert Barnette was a respected musician and teacher in Macon, a central Georgia city that made headlines when former...
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Determining the Age and Value of Antique Bottles

Many bottle collectors go to estate sales hoping to pick up antique bottles to add to their American bottle collection. While once some bottles could have been bought for a few dollars the value of bottles from certain eras are now becoming much more...
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