How to Restore Vintage Watches Bought from Estate Sales

Coming across old watches can be a magical thing. But nothing can compare to the feeling of repairing an old vintage piece and watching it come alive again. However, doing so can be a long tedious process. And one mistake can mean drastic changes to the...
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5 Amazing Antique Furniture Restoration Tips

Vintage furniture is one of the hottest home decor trends of this year. You don’t have to shell out on expensive brand new pieces to make the most of it. You can give yours a new lease of life by restoring it. Before you do so, read our...
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How to Identify Valuable Antique Wedding Rings

Why spend the average price of $6,351 on a modern engagement ring when you can go vintage? Antique wedding rings are a unique alternative and can be a worthwhile investment. What is an antique ring? Typically they are at least 50-100 years old,...
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Antique Cars for Sale: 5 Tips You Should Know

The market for classic cars has grown considerably. In fact, auctions involving collector cars surpassed the $1.3 billion mark in 2013. This was a staggering 270 percent increase over the decade starting in 2004. However, buying an antique car...
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Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Estate Liquidator

In the US, there were 1.34 million housing units for sale in 2016. Taking care of an estate can be stressful. Having to sell its assets can make stress worse. It can be hard to know what decisions are best for the sale or even how to reserve...
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From Planning to Selling How Estate Sale Services Make Transitions Easier

Are you getting ready to have an estate sale? If you don’t know where to start, hiring professional estate sale services might be the solution for you. They will help you in every step of the way from setting up to selling. Read on to learn how....
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Baby Boomers Are Downsizing: 5 Tips for a Less Stressful Move

Moving is one of the greatest stressors in life. As a baby boomer, it’s even more challenging. In a survey by Harvard, they discovered that grandparents are transitioning towards renting. They have most likely been in their home for a long...
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3 Tips for Antique Hunting at Estate Sales in Florida

It’s no secret that buying second-hand can save you a fortune. If you’re lucky, you could find antiques at great prices. From antique furniture to glassware, there are lots of hidden treasures at estate sales in Florida. As the number...
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The Beginners Guide to Shopping at an Estate Sale

Have you ever been driving around your neighborhood and seen signs for estate sales?  You may have wondered what they’re all about, or how they differ from garage or rummage sales. Read on for some insider tips to scoring great stuff at...
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A Guide to Identifying Antique Chairs

Antique chairs are just one of the many kinds of antique furniture worth collecting. If you’re an estate sale shopper with a love of antique chairs, it’s important to know how to identify an authentic piece before buying it. Having...
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