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Estate Inventory and Valuation
There are numerous reasons why you may need this service. Oftentimes, families find themselves needing to sell off the contents of an estate and have no idea where to begin, or what things are worth. Having an inventory taken by a professional company and evaluated, will give the family a good idea how to proceed and what to expect if they have an estate sale.

Also, attorneys have various reasons they may need this information, so it is good to be prepared if they request it. The inventory and valuation service we provide will give you a detailed breakdown of the contents of an estate, narrowed down into lists of items falling in certain price ranges.

While we are taking inventory and determining the value of your estate, we can also appraise items. A certified appraisal can be used for insurance coverage aspects on valued items.

Our inventory and valuation service is very flexible and can easily be tailored to cover your individual estate service needs.

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