Estate Sales

When you hire Prestige Estate Services you are being backed by a professional staff, including appraisers and collectors with more than 4o years of experience in managing Fort Myers estate sales and and liquidating property. Experience that will quickly became evident as we handle every aspect of your Fort Myers estate sale, start to finish!

Prestige Estate Services are the experts you can trust. Hand us the keys, and let the rest be. Serving all of SWFL

We frequently receive calls from folks who entrusted their estate sale to a hobbyist or part-timer, just to be disappointed by the outcome. Sometimes these smaller companies or individuals just don’t have the experience and or the know-how to reach the right people, to make your Naples estate sale a success. Please consider your options carefully and choose the company you want to work with wisely, before you agree to anything.

This is often a trying time, when any opportunity to take extra responsibility off your hands, and off your mind, is very welcome. Set your mind at ease, hire the leaders in the industry to manage your estate sale and liquidate your property swiftly and professionally!

Step 1 “Collecting Information for Your Estate Sale”

First – DO NOT THROW ANYTHING AWAY OR DONATE ANYTHING before meeting with us and discussing your estate sale.

People are often unaware, what sells at an estate sale and what doesn’t. Often, people rid their estate of valued items and end up removing so much that we can’t hold a sale with so few items.

Second – Know your timeline and when you would prefer to hold your estate sale. Keep in mind that we are often booked out in advance, so the sooner you let us know once you have reached a decision, the better!

Last – It is very helpful to us if you can send photos beforehand. If you can email pictures of the rooms in the house before you call we can speak directly to your needs. This way we can assess what type of estate sale is right for you and be better prepared for your individual needs when we talk. However, do not worry if you do not have pictures available. We can still talk it over to figure out which type of estate sale will work best for you.

Step 2 “Getting Ready For Your Estate Sale”

Schedule a free in-home consultation, where we can go over the items you wish to include in the estate sale. At this point we will let you know which estate sale services will best fit your situation!

Following the initial assessment, we come in and sort, evaluate, price and then host an on-site estate sale.

Step 3 “After Your Estate Sale”

We are able to get the residence spotlessly clean and ready for sale! Prestige Estate Services is a complete service provider, taking care of your needs from A to Z. We recommend at least the haul away and donation so you don’t have another project to deal with after your sale is complete. Take a look if you might need one of the following services:

Haul Away & Donation
Cleaning Services

Why Should You Hire Prestige Estate Services?

Time – an average estate sale requires approximately two weeks to arrange and carry out. This is our specialty, not just a part-time hobby. We have the ability to evaluate and market your estate sale so that you can earn maximum profits.

Experience – we work tirelessly to recognize each and every antique, collectible item, or piece of value. This know-how is the factor that enables us to execute your estate sale properly and in a short time, where someone with less experience might have taken much longer to do the same thorough preparation and valuation, or even worse miss valuable items or assign incorrect values to items preventing them from selling or not getting top dollar for these items.

Expertise – our team combines considerable knowledge in conventional retail, e-commerce and marketing. We’ve got the knowledge and the edge to ensure we are getting your merchandise in front of the perfect audience for the ideal selling price at your estate sale. We wish to make sure all of our customers get the best possible revenue with their estate liquidation.