Find Vintage or Antique Cups and Mugs At Estate Sales

Antique Cups and MugsIf you want to collect something small while at an estate sale, then look for antique cups or mugs that have interesting designs or slogans. Cups or mugs are typically used for hot beverages such as coffee, tea or hot chocolate, and most families have several of these items in their homes. During an estate sale, our company’s employees will catalog antique cups or mugs that are rare and provide a photograph for collectors. You can find antique or vintage mugs and cups at estate sales, making this an excellent item to begin collecting.

How To Protect Breakable Cups and Mugs

Mugs or cups are easy to take back home because you don’t need to use a truck, but you should bring along protective plastic or paper wrapping and small boxes to pack the items. Use special care when packing items made from these materials:

• Stoneware
• Porcelain
• Ceramic
• Earthenware
• Glass
• China

Some vintage cups or mugs are made of metal or plastic that are more durable, but you will still want to avoid denting or scratching the item while bringing it back home for your collection. In some cases, a cup will also have a matching saucer, and you should place this item on its side in a box with cardboard or padded materials next to it.

Inspect Mugs and Cups Carefully

When checking the items at an estate sale, make sure that you have bright lighting to see if it has any defects. Also, bring along your reading glasses and a magnifying glass to look at manufacturer marks that are often printed on the bottom of objects. After a visual inspection of the item, you should inspect the piece to determine if it has any problems such as chips or scratches. Remember that it is easy for someone to repair the item with specialized glue, but you may not want to pay a lot of money for a cup or mug that has been broken.

Look for Specialty Items At an Estate Sale

Mugs and cups have been used for many years, making it difficult to find one that is in top-notch condition. If you want to specialize in finding particular types of mugs, then here are a few categories to look for at your next estate sale:

• Wooden mugs – very rare in the marketplace
• Shaving mugs – a specialty mug used during shaving
• Tiki mugs – these were souvenirs from tropical locations
• Thermochromic mugs – will change color when a hot liquid is poured inside
• Advertising mugs – given away by businesses
• Unique features – mugs with designs on the inside
• Puzzle mugs – novelty items for amusement
• Soup mugs – larger mugs designed for soup
• Mustache mug – designed for drinking with a mustache
• Whistle mugs – hollow handled mugs that make a noise

You can also find a variety of teacups that might have a matching saucer, but some collectors find saucers and teacups at different estate sales to create a matching set. Don’t forget to check for upcoming estate sales in your area, you never know what you might find.

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