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Cleaning Services

The Prestige Estate Services team has experience cleaning homes ranging from tiny apartments to ones that rival those seen on hoarder shows. All of our team has undergone thorough background checks, and we provide expert cleaning services, suited even for million dollar homes.

If you’re interested in expertise that truly makes a difference, then don’t hesitate to call us right away. You are bound to be satisfied with genuinely amazing service!

We hire only the very best! Furthermore, we employ the same people we send to you to clean our own homes, and if we can trust them, so can you. Our many years of experience in the cleaning business have left us with an established track record that we’re proud of!

We’re pleased to introduce a lower rate for our customers and this is due to the many referrals of our amazing customers and the resulting growth in our business. We’ve been able to reduce our prices by 25%. So, many thanks to those customers for the excellent referrals, that has helped our company grow, and now allows us to pass on some savings to our future clients! Call today to for a quote on cleaning services at your property.

Let us help you with your next mess. Contact us today at !