Now Accepting Resumes – Manager



This is a full time position, however hours may vary based on the number of clients we have at any given time. Work days are Tuesday – Saturday, 9am – 4pm (sometimes later on Sale Days)


Managers are enthusiastic, self-motivated and love working on a team! They must have a reliable form of transportation and be able to arrive on time regardless of the location. Must have a vehicle capable of transporting folding tables, sale signs, jewelry case, prep-boxes, cash register, and other items needed to run a successful sale. Location of job site will vary from week to week, managers are responsible for ensuring associates have everything they need to properly prep & price a house and run the sale.


Job Responsibilities Include, But Are Not Limited To:


  • Prepping a house for sale
    • Coordinating the delivery of tables to a sale address
    • Delivering properly stocked prep box to a sale address
    • Lining out the team members to prep & price sale items quickly and efficiently
    • Managing team members to ensure house is prepped & priced within budgeted hours
    • Sort jewelry and precious metals, weigh and price out. These items will need to be removed from the home until start of sale and each night of the sale.
    • Work alongside team to stage, prep and price the items for sale
    • Researching and pricing items to generate maximum profitability
    • Spot checking pricing to ensure items are priced accordingly
    • Photograph items in the sale – upload to Cloud
    • Generate itemized list of items – email to Manager
    • Hang Prestige signs throughout the home
    • Thinking outside the box to solve various obstacles that occur week to week
    • And any other directives from your Manager


  • Working the sale of the items in the home
    • Ensuring adequate yard signs are out at the beginning of each sale day, directing customers to the home
    • Directing the team to finalize any remaining prep or pricing before the sale starts.
    • Count out start cash and record on daily accounting form
    • Set sales tax on cash register
    • Set out Email Sign-up Form
    • Make sure Tax ID Form and >$200 Purchase Form are accessible
    • Make sure jewelry case is set up near register and locked (if applicable)
    • Pricing items for customers that were missed during prep
    • Making sure team members are moving throughout the sale, arranging items to ensure house looks full and items are properly showcased
    • Making sure team members are assisting customers with items on hold or writing up sales tickets for customers in line
    • Walking the sales floor for periods of time
    • Ensuring yard signs are picked up at the end of each day
    • Balancing cash register at the end of each day
    • Taking bank deposit to the bank at the end of each day
    • Getting a change order from the bank as needed
    • Breaking down tables at the end of each sale and coordinating transport for next sale
    • Loading prep box, jewelry case, cash register, and all Prestige property into vehicle
    • And any other directives from your Manager


  • Client Interfacing
    • You will be trained on performing walkthroughs
    • You will be responsible for managing all aspects of your clients including communication and managing expectations.


  • Additional Responsibilities
    • Coordinating with client regarding access to the home, managing expectations and status updates
    • Coordinating with Haul Away teams for post sale cleanout
    • Coordinating with Consignment Store for post sale consignments
    • Calmly and professionally handling any and all situations that arise during prep and sale of items
    • And any other directives from your Manager
      • Tracking team members who are ready to step up and cross training these individuals to help you.
      • Transporting tables
      • Operate an ipad
      • Taking photographs
      • Transporting/filling prep boxes


Pay is $10.00 per hour with 30% commission of net profit on any sales run that month.


Employees must be able to perform moderate lifting, bending, twisting and crouching may be required to perform various office and administrative tasks as assigned, to include ability to lift and move objects weighing up to 50 lbs and work in hot and cold environments.


Employee must have or be willing to learn and obtain knowledge in used goods, fair market values, antiques and other products. Employees must be willing to share this information with the team and employees hired after them.


Employees must have an eye for detail and be willing to assist employees at the same level as well as follow direction from their manager at all times.


Candidate will be subject to a background check. Email your resume to [email protected] to be considered for this position.