Qualities to Look for When Choosing an Estate Liquidator

In the US, there were 1.34 million housing units for sale in 2016.

Taking care of an estate can be stressful. Having to sell its assets can make stress worse. It can be hard to know what decisions are best for the sale or even how to reserve space for it.

Hiring an estate liquidator can help take some of this off your shoulders – as long as you hire the right one. Read on for a list of qualities to look out for in liquidators:


Make sure the person you hire for your estate is professional. It may be easy to hire a family member but understand that they might be biased towards your assets. Hiring someone whose career it is to deal with estates can help you get the best results.

Ask for their qualifications for the role as well as what their methods are. Require that your liquidator has a contract that has all of the details of the process. This way you can be sure they can deliver what they are promising.

This will also help make sure you are paid on time.


You’ll want to hire someone who has experience with the liquidating process. Look up the company or individual online and see what reviews have to say about them.

If they are associated with a company, you’ll want to contact the better business bureau to see if they are credible. Feel free to also ask for a list of previous clients to contact for references.

Local Estate Liquidator

It’s best to find someone who is an expert in your area. For starters, a local liquidator will know what the market is like in your area for estate sales. They’ll know how to advertise your sale and how to organize it as well.

Another reason for hiring someone local is that certain cities or counties have requirements for estate sales. Finding these out can be a hassle on your own so having a local expert can speed up the process.

They will be able to comply with local regulations and even get the right permits to set up your sale for success.


Empathy means being able to understand how people feel. After a death in the family, it can be hard to part with some of the assets left over. This can already be a sensitive time and someone coming in and being all business and no feeling can feel cold.

By hiring a liquidator who is empathetic, you will feel comfortable during the process. They will be able to understand the emotional attachment to some of the assets and be considerate when appraising them.

This quality is why family members are often hired to be the estate liquidator.


The candidate hired needs to be a great communicator. Liquidators interact with people often. Whether through planning the sale, marketing it, or carrying it out. They will be interacting with people a lot.

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The most important thing about hiring a liquidator is finding one that you like. Handling an estate’s assets can be hard to hand over to someone.

Ask them many questions before giving them the project. And do more research on estate sales so when you find the right one you are ready. Check out our blog for more information, and be sure to contact us with any legal question you may have.