Where Do I Start?

Estate sales, consignment, clean outs oh my!  Trying to figure out what service you may need?  Maybe you think you need an estate sale but another option may be a better fit.  Do you know? Unsure where to start?  Below is the key to your estate sale solution.  If you answer these next few questions your answer should be provided.

1.  Is the estate or home full of personal property such as furniture, collectables, art, cars, household items and all needs to be sold?  Then an onsite estate sale, is probably the best solution.  If you answered yes then visit our estate sales page, if no, keep reading.

2.  Have you recently inherited an item and not sure of it’s value?  Maybe you have something that you know is of value, but isn’t currently covered under your home owners insurance.  If so, we can offer an appraisal on the item, which will answer questions about provenance, fair market value, comparables, photos and a descriptive summary covering all the details of the item.  If you answered yes then visit our appraisals page, if no keep reading.

3.  Maybe you have just a few items that you need to sell.  If you wish to sell a few items such as jewelry, collectables or other collection of smalls or valuables we can help.  If you answered yes then visit our consignment page, if no, keep reading.

4.  Is the home or estate, full of mostly junk?  We can perform haul away services and get the place cleaned out, so you can list the home, do renovations, or just get rid of some of that annoying pile of stuff you are tired of looking at.  In these situation we often buy some of the miscellaneous items to help offset some of the haul away costs.  If you answered yes, then visit our junk removal page or buyouts page, if no keep reading.

5.  Is the estate currently being disputed? Dealing with probate issues?  Need some help identifying, inventorying and valuing the personal property?  If you answered yes, then visit our inventory and valuations page, if no, keep reading.

You may very well have a very unique situation such as living behind a gated community and need an off-site sale.  If you find you need more information and your situation is much different then the average, such as a hoarding situation or anything else, we suggest you contact us today and we can walk you through it.  We have an experienced staff and can help in many different ways.  There isn’t much we haven’t see or dealt with through the years, so call us today!